Wednesday, March 9, 2022

I am back

 Hello guys!

I am not posting anything on my blog for a decade. 

Now I am back to blog and will try to active.

Stay Tune, guys!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Don't Use Mobile Inside Toilet

My blog is very silent since end of March. Today, I post some jokes to share all of my friends which is getting from my email in Burmese. I translated into English.

Just sit on the public toilet bowl and heard some greeting from the other room.

It’s uneasy to chit-chat in this place but anyway, replied him

“Yes, I’m fine”.

While trying to solve my problem, the other room asks again

“What are you busy”?

Huh, in this place, how to answer this kind of awkward question? But answered

“Just like you”.

Anyway finish faster and go out from the toilet but there’s another question again.

“Can I come over”?

What this guy asking? In my mind, surprisingly and also disappointed but replied him

“Don’t come over, I’m also busy here like you”.

Then the other room replied

“I’ll call you back later because the idiot from the other room answered every question I asked”. :D

Don’t use mobile inside the toilet.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Woh, I've Another Blog

Hi all my friends, I've created another blog with a title MS SQL Whatever and MS SQL Whatever [Wordpress]. You can see some of the SQL Tips and Tricks on that blog. Please leave some message if you wanna know something about SQL or wanna contribute your knowledge.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How you know you are in 2008?

I haven’t updated my blog for a long time because really busy these days. Today, I left all my busy things aside and crawl on internet, forwarding some emails and reply emails back to friends. While checking my mail box, I saw some funny statements from my friends. So I’ve an idea to post in my blog for fun. The actual statements are in Burmese but I translated those points and posted in my blog name “How do you know you are in 2008?”. :D The picture is at the end in Burmese.

1 - You’ll type password to your Microwave oven to switch on.

2 - Never play cards with actual cards for so long.

3 - To communicate 3 family members, you’ll have 15 phone numbers.

4 - You’ll send email to your colleague next to your seat for something to say.

5 - You’ll lose contact with some of your relatives and friends because they don’t have email address.

6 - Park your car in the garage and call your family through mobile to help you carry things which you bought in the car.

7 - Every advertisement shown on TV will subtitle with their website address.

8 - You’ll go back home and bring the hand-phone which is not together with you for your first 10 or 20 years of life.

10 - As soon as you wake up, go online before drinking coffee.

11 - Now you’ll start smile.

12 - After reading this you’ll smiling while nodding your head.

13 - And now you’ll thinking to forward this message to whom.

14 - You didn’t notice that this message has no number 9 because you are so busy.

15 - Haha.. now you try to find number 9 in the above list for really missing or not.

Now you know you are in 2008 :D

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Singapore Aerobatic Air-Show

I went to Singapore Air-Show on 24th Feb 2008 and took some pictures from the show and Aerobatic Air-Show. There's not so much air-craft to see but the Aerobatic Show is quite interesting. Here some pictures for my friends. If you want bigger picture for your desktop, please go to My Amateur Photos to get bigger photos.