Saturday, June 14, 2008

Don't Use Mobile Inside Toilet

My blog is very silent since end of March. Today, I post some jokes to share all of my friends which is getting from my email in Burmese. I translated into English.

Just sit on the public toilet bowl and heard some greeting from the other room.

It’s uneasy to chit-chat in this place but anyway, replied him

“Yes, I’m fine”.

While trying to solve my problem, the other room asks again

“What are you busy”?

Huh, in this place, how to answer this kind of awkward question? But answered

“Just like you”.

Anyway finish faster and go out from the toilet but there’s another question again.

“Can I come over”?

What this guy asking? In my mind, surprisingly and also disappointed but replied him

“Don’t come over, I’m also busy here like you”.

Then the other room replied

“I’ll call you back later because the idiot from the other room answered every question I asked”. :D

Don’t use mobile inside the toilet.

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