Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How you know you are in 2008?

I haven’t updated my blog for a long time because really busy these days. Today, I left all my busy things aside and crawl on internet, forwarding some emails and reply emails back to friends. While checking my mail box, I saw some funny statements from my friends. So I’ve an idea to post in my blog for fun. The actual statements are in Burmese but I translated those points and posted in my blog name “How do you know you are in 2008?”. :D The picture is at the end in Burmese.

1 - You’ll type password to your Microwave oven to switch on.

2 - Never play cards with actual cards for so long.

3 - To communicate 3 family members, you’ll have 15 phone numbers.

4 - You’ll send email to your colleague next to your seat for something to say.

5 - You’ll lose contact with some of your relatives and friends because they don’t have email address.

6 - Park your car in the garage and call your family through mobile to help you carry things which you bought in the car.

7 - Every advertisement shown on TV will subtitle with their website address.

8 - You’ll go back home and bring the hand-phone which is not together with you for your first 10 or 20 years of life.

10 - As soon as you wake up, go online before drinking coffee.

11 - Now you’ll start smile.

12 - After reading this you’ll smiling while nodding your head.

13 - And now you’ll thinking to forward this message to whom.

14 - You didn’t notice that this message has no number 9 because you are so busy.

15 - Haha.. now you try to find number 9 in the above list for really missing or not.

Now you know you are in 2008 :D

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