Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lion Dance Competition From My Friend

Last Sunday, I received Lion Dance Competition photos from my friend. Those photos are really nice capture which I spoil with my camera. :D Thank you Myo Aung for sharing his photo-shoots to me. Actually I received those photos last Sunday but I’m really busy these days with my personal matters and my office works so can’t upload immediately after receiving those photos. Sorry for all my friends who waiting for those photos. Please click photo for full size.

Playing Firecracker

Playing Firecracker

Going to pay respect in temple

Journey around china-town :D

Accepting Present

Accepting Trophy


Flying in the Air


Walking on the ropes

Playing Wu-shu

Playing Drum

Showing Martial-Arts

Lion Dance

Paying Respect Each Other

Fire Dragon

Dragon Dance

Flying in the air

Flying In the Air

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