Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3rd Sin Oh Dan Lion Dance Competition, Yangon, Myanmar

This year is the third time of competition for Sint Oh Dan Lion Dance Competition. New teams are joining in this year and there is only Continuous Runner Up, The Last Don, is the old team from last year so far, and amazing thing is that I didn’t see our Two Years Continuous Champion, Dragon Head, in the competition list. Right now I’ve no news for our Two Years Continuous Champion team but this year, we’ll see more new teams. Moreover, this year we prepare more special than last year such as each and every teams and guest associations will get special present and for first prize and second prize, we prepared new lion heads for them as a gift. Therefore, this year competition will be more exciting and the following teams are practicing very hard for this year:
  • Y.S.L
  • Dragon Tiger
  • The Last Don
  • Pearl Black
  • Global Lion
  • Lion Boy
Get back to last year, all of the teams’ movements in the competition are consider slow but they are trying their best to show their moves. Their movement, however, slow, they can make all the audience really wonder moves. We hope, this year, all the participant teams can make a faster move than last year and more exciting movement also.


KZO said...

Do u have any video for lion dance competition?

TNT @ Albert Sun said...

Of course, I've last year competition video.

Unknown said...

nice computer tricks